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Centralia Elementary School

Save the Date – Kids Heart Challenge!

Dear Parents,

We are thrilled to share that we have an upcoming Kids Heart Challenge assembly on January 28th! This interactive assembly will launch our KHC program that will bring our school community together in a fun way, to rally around physical and mental wellness. Students will learn how they can have happy and healthy hearts, families will be challenged to get active, and we’ll all learn how we can help others with special hearts and help provide healthy food access to families in need.


Zoom Assembly on January 28th

Zoom Links:

 K-3rd @ 10:30AM 

Meeting ID:         886 6401 3195

Passcode:            896780


4th-6th @ 11:00AM 

Meeting ID:         886 6401 3195

Passcode:            896780


Please pre-register your child by downloading the “Kids Heart Challenge” FREE App or type our school name and sign up HERE:

We want 100% participation! Students who register before the assembly will get a special shoutout during the live presentation! We look forward to seeing your child on the assembly. Thank you for keeping our school community healthy!